Convert String to Date Using Pattern Formatters


In this tutorial, we will talk about converting String to Date using Pattern Formatters.

Example: Convert String to Date using Patter Formatters

import java.time.LocalDate
import java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter
import java.util.*

fun main(args: Array<String>){
    val dateString3 = "September 29, 2019"
    val formatterEnglish = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("MMMM d, yyyy", Locale.ENGLISH)
    val dateFormatEnglish = LocalDate.parse(dateString3, formatterEnglish)
    println("Date Pattern English: $dateFormatEnglish")

When you run the program above, the output will be:

Date Pattern English: 2019-09-29

In the above program, the DateTimeFormatter is in the format MMM d, yyyy. DateTimeFormatter is used for printing and parsing date-time objects. Then, we parse the date using LocalDate.parse() function and get the LocalDate object. That’s all for this tutorial. For another tutorial, you can find it through this link.

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